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Intensive Written Grammar


Apply grammar rules to edit your own writing for persistent errors. Expand your repertoire of complex structures to make your writing more polished and expressive.


  • Master the three basic types of sentence structure
  • Clearly express relationships between ideas
  • Identify and use essential verb structures correctly
  • Troubleshoot problems with plural forms and articles
  • Sharpen editing and proofreading skills


Presentation, discussion, written exercises, composition, and error analysis


4 - 12 participants


2-day workshop or four half-day sessions


LinguaTec Intensive Written Grammar training manual with reference section

What You Learn

Sentence Structure

  • Use simple, compound, and complex sentence structures for variety
  • Use appropriate transitions to express relationships between ideas
  • Avoide sentence fragments and run-ons
  • Differentiate casual writing (e.g., e-mail) from formal writing

Verb Structures

  • Describe present activities
  • Report past activities
  • Project future activities, deadlines and expectations

Relating Ideas

  • Use adverb clauses to show relationships - cause and effect, contrast and opposition
  • Structure adjective and noun clauses correctly


  • Contrast infinitives and gerunds
  • Troubleshoot articles
  • Follow the conventions of subject-verb agreement and plurals

Suggestions, Recommendations and Proposals

  • Use the subjunctive form
  • Select appropriate infinitive and gerund forms

Reporting Ideas

  • Choose the correct sequence of tenses
  • Avoiding errors when using reporting verbs: explain, tell, inform,
    discuss, etc.




What Others Say

"The program covered all of the areas in which I have problems when writing quick messages or informal documents. I found the instructors and materials to be excellent and well-prepared."
A.C., Maxtor

"This program helped me a lot in writing reports. I will use the manual as a reference in my office."

"It's interesting. An A+ training experience."
R.G., Seagate

"The examples in the training material are very close to reality (my work environment), and remind me of the mistakes I often make."
D.K. Synopsys

"This course is very practical. It definitely helped me improve my writing skills, especially with e-mail."
L.W., Genentech